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Jennifer M., Beech Grove, IN

"You guys are awesome. Saved me so much pain I can't begin to thank you enough! I didn't even know there was a market for junk cars like there is, and definitely did not expect to get as much cash as I did! Thank you!!!! I really needed this!"

Dalton R., Greenwood, IN

"Sold my old car way easier than I thought I would. I called Circle City Junk Cars after finding them on Google and am glad I did. I called a few junk yards about buying my car, which sat for the last 5 years with a bad was truly a junk car. I'd like to say that not only were they quick and responsive, but there was no hassle and they were super nice. Certainly not what I had expected. Two thumbs up!"

Jim N., Indianapolis, IN

"We use Circle City Junk Cars for all our junk car selling needs. Being a local used car dealership, we often have cars that we just can't sell or repo's that come back to us in pretty bad shape. Traditional junk yards are no use, and these guys make selling junk cars insanely easy."

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